Bright Light Solar, LLC is a NH based Solar Design, Installation and Service Company that provides its clients with exceptional products and service. We live and work in New Hampshire and are very familiar with the climate specific to this region and the best methods to harness the sun's rays to help power your home or business.  
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Featured Projects ~

November 2014 - 3.5kw system in Bradford, NH

Solar powered, off the grid cabin in Bradford, NH.

This is an off grid cabin on a mountain top in Bradford NH. The cabin is 1700 sq ft, totally self-sustained with solar power. Heating/hot water and electric needs are all met with solar power through battery storage.

It is a year around cabin/house.

It has a 3.5 kw solar electric with 4-5 days battery capacity and boiler system based on solar hot water to keep the cabin warm.

September 2014 - 13kw system in Deering, NH

June 2014 - An Oil Free Home - Dunbarton, NH

7.7 kw solar power system in Dunbarton, NH.

Bright Light Solar recently completed a 7.7KW (kilowatt) solar installation for a home in Dunbarton, NH. Before connecting with Bright Light Solar, this home was using oil to heat the home and their hot water. They were grid dependent for their electricity needs as well. With the help of Bright Light Solar, this home is now completely oil free and using solar for all of their energy needs.

We were able to install a system that will heat and cool their home and generate all their electricity needs. They are independently generating everything they need to keep their home running.

We installed a ground mounted system. This means the panels are not installed on the roof but in the ground on the sunniest part of their property. You can see the completed project in the photo above.

Ground mounted systems are a popular choice for those who have sunny spots of land on their property. Some even install ground systems to utilize group net metering and generate excess electricity to sell to the grid and consumers.

This home owner will receive numerous tax incentives for installing a solar panel system for their home. They will also have NO electric or oil bills anymore!

If you are interested in eliminating some or all of your utility bills, contact us today at (603) 961-0045! You can also check out our blog or visit on Facebook. We are always available to discuss the various solar options that will work best for you and your energy needs.

Happy Clients

"After interviewing a LOT of installers, we decided to work with Fuat Ari from Bright Light Solar, LLC. So far, we really recommend him!

Fuat, Marlena Rosnel is a little out of your service range, unless you want to New Mexico! :)

Marlena, we talked with several people at the home show, including Fuat. Searched around for companies, and interviewed five. We liked Fuat's personality, and his price the best. He's held our hand through the decision-making process.

It's not cheap to install, but we believe, in the long run, it will make sense. There are state and federal incentives which reduce the price."

- Bonnie W.


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