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How it Works ~

Below is a quick guide about the different systems for SOLAR ELECTRIC, SOLAR HOT WATER and SOLAR SPACE HEATING SYSTEMS work. To answer all your questions about how solar can work at you home or business. Contact Us TODAY for your FREE, NO OBLIGATION site visit.

Residential Grid Connected PV System.

How does a Solar Water Heater Work?

Domestic Hot Water Loop:

Your domestic water is preheated in the solar storage tank and then delivered to your existing water heater. Your existing water tank will become the backup water heater. In most cases, the backup water heater will not need to fire as the water from the solar storage tank will be hot enough. To prevent scalding due to of high temperatures, a mixing valve is now required on your hot water supply.

Solar Loop:

Solar loop is a closed loop system where solar fluid (poly-glycol) is circulated between the solar collector and the solar storage tank. To circulate the fluid, the hydronic circulator is used along with the corresponding controls. Inside the storage tank there is second built-in heat-exchanger which will transfer heat from the solar loop to the domestic hot water.

Domestic Solar Hot Water System.

How Does Space Heating Work?

Much like heating domestic hot water, solar water heat can be used for space heating. The difference between the two systems is their size. To use solar energy to heat your home you will need more solar collectors (solar panels) and a larger storage tank. There are various ways to retrofit your heating system and integrate with solar. In this example we use pressurized storage tank that connects to forced hot air

Solar Loop:

This loop is used to heat water in the solar storage tank through the external heat exchanger. Solar controller is used to monitor temperature in the tank and the collectors.

Space Heating Loop:

In this example, space heating is used to supplement your existing forced hot air system. This system has a "water to air" heat exchanger in your duct system which transfers the heat stored in solar storage tank to the hot air. Space heating and the solar are controlled separately and the heating system always has backup to assure operation during cloudy days.

Solar Space Heating.

Combination Pool Heating, Hot water, and Hydronic space Heating.

Combination Solar heating for swimming pool, hot water and hydronic space heating.

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Happy Client

"They make the paper work so easy all I did was sign where they asked me to. It was a lot of paper work but they made is so easy."

- Joe B. Alton, NH

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