Bright Light Solar, LLC is a NH based Solar Design, Installation and Service Company that provides its clients with exceptional products and service. We live and work in New Hampshire and are very familiar with the climate specific to this region and the best methods to harness the sun's rays to help power your home or business.  
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Commercial Services ~

Bright Light Solar, LLC designs, installs and services solar electric and thermal systems for residential and commercial establishments. We are a company with a firm commitment to serve our clients at the highest level possible while keeping costs as low as possible. In fact, Bright Light Solar offers the lowest pricing in New England - GUARANTEED! Your system will soon pay for itself and can continue your savings month after month for decades!

Why Bright Light Solar?

  • 25 year warranty on all PV products!
  • 5 year warranty on OUR workmanship!
  • 2-5 years FREE service on your Bright Light Solar installed system!
  • Free Internet monitoring software!
  • 24/7 system monitoring 25 years - FREE!

What are the benefits of using solar energy for your business?

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Attract and retain consumers with “green” status
  • State and federal rebates and tax incentives available
  • Depreciation on your system
  • Renewable Energy Certificate Sales (REC)
  • Local Property tax reduction (applicable to some towns and cities)
  • Group Net Metering option

Besides greatly reducing operating costs, utilizing solar energy can attract new consumers to your business and help retain current customers. Going green is an important quality consumers care about when selecting what business they work with. Solar panels show your consumers that you are committed to the “going green” movement so prevalent in today’s society.

As with all installations, Bright Light Solar finds any incentives and rebates available to the business. Not only can you see significant savings on installation costs, some businesses see depreciation on their tax rate as well.

Businesses also qualify for REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) Sales. This means every MW hour energy generated by your systems can be sold in the stock market. On top of saving on your operating and installation costs, you can continue to earn money on your system by selling your REC certificates.

Bright Light Solar is eager to discuss how solar energy can help grow your business. Check out our blog or Facebook page to see completed commercial projects or contact us today to learn more!

Commercial Slideshow:

  • Alton, NH.Speedy Wash Laundromat. 18 kw system will save about 90% of a $300-$00 a month electric bill!
  • Alton, NH.Speedy Wash Laundromat.
  • Salem, NH.Eaton Door and Frames - 65 kw project! $1,400 per month cost avoidance and 2 1/2 year pay back!
  • Commercial Client.
  • Commercial Client.
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Happy Clients

"We love our system and the crew was wonderful to work with. We have three referrals for you already."

- Jenny T. Alexandria, NH


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